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What is a Wellness Coach?

In addition to being a personal trainer, I'm a licensed and certified Wellness Coach through the prestigious Spencer Institute.  Many are unfamiliar with Wellness Coaches and what we do.  Here's a brief Q&A that will answer some of your questions.  Many are quick to realize how a Wellness Coach may help them in their everyday lives after learning more about them.

Q: What is a Wellness Coach exactly?

A: Wellness Coaching is a combination of traditional life coaching, lifestyle fitness coaching, green living, sound nutrition, exercise and stress management.

Q: How long have they been around?     
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A: In the early 1990s, The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism conducted a study that compared several methods of treatment for alcohol addiction.   The findings demonstrated that while all the treatment methods were equally effective, motivational interviewing was the most cost-effective and timeliest in reaching the desired results.

Due to the success of this project and others, researchers have been keenly interested in using this approach and studying how its use may affect health behavior change in persons with chronic conditions. Studies are likely to continue in this arena as this is a relatively new approach for many health care providers.

Q: Who can use a Wellness Coach?

A: People of all ages, races, backgrounds and socio-economic status can use a Wellness Coach.  Anyone who wants to better themselves in any aspects of their life (physically, mentally, and/or spiritually) can use a Wellness Coach.  Ask yourself the following questions.  If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," a Wellness Coach may be what you need:

Feeling stressed out, anxious, depressed or dealing with panic?

Feeling fat, starting to gain weight or wanting to lose weight?

traction benchHaving trouble sleeping at night or trouble getting to sleep?

Experiencing mental fogginess or having trouble concentrating?

Is your work performance lagging?

Are you relying on caffeine, alcohol or drugs to cope with life?

Feeling lost or hopeless, with no idea of what to do next?

Are you getting deeper into debt and spending too much?

Are you in midlife and searching for happiness and purpose?

Would you like to find a deeper relationship with God?

Q: What separates Wellness Coaches from everyone else?

A: Wellness Coaches help clients in a variety of ways. Conventional methods of healing will focus on symptoms and treat those, not getting to the root of the problem.  Wellness Coaches are big on communication and want to why: Why do you have headaches?  What is causing your stress?  If the client does not know why, the client is encouraged to look inside themselves (with the assistance of their coach) and see what may be the cause.   Once the root cause is determined  the healing process can begin. 

Q: How do Wellness Coaches help their clients get better?

A: Wellness Coaches do not tell clients what to do.  Instead, they help their clients come to the conclusion that changes in their life are needed in order for them to get better:   What will happen if you continue to keep smoking or don't lose the excess weight?  Will these changes help you or hurt you?  Does your anger problem hurt those you love the most?  These are a small sample of questions Wellness Coaches pose to their clients. The Coach may ask the questions, but the client provides the answers and must want to make changes for themselves, not for someone else.  Once they believe change is necessary, a custom designed game plan is made for that client. 

Q: In what areas of a person's life do Wellness Coaches offer assistance?

A: A good Wellness Coach will look at ALL aspects of a person's life.  For example:  If a person has an ulcer, a doctor will prescribe medicine and advise what foods to eat or avoid.  This is sound and practical advice, but it does not get to what may have caused the ulcer in the first place, or ways to prevent them from occurring in the future.   A Wellness Coach will analyze a person's diet as well as look at other factors that could be the cause of the ulcer.  Is the person under a tremendous amount of stress?  Possibly hereditary? 

Fitness programs, relaxation techniques and diet programs can also be designed if these are what the client need to improve their health.  No two clients are the same, so each program is designed specifically for that client.  

Wellness Coaches are excellent listeners and invite the client to open up and talk to them in a pressure free manner.  The more information a client can provide, the more the Wellness Coach can assist the client in getting better. All conversations are strictly confidential and have the client's best interests at heart. 

Q: How often do clients meet with their coach? 

A:  Most clients talk to their Wellness Coach weekly, either via phone or in person for 60 minute sessions.

Q: How long do clients work with a Wellness Coach?

A: It is advised that clients work with their Wellness Coach for a minimum of 3 months as that is how long it normally takes to embrace lifestyle changes.  Some clients prefer more sessions, some prefer less and that's totally up to the client.  Click HERE to view the various packages I provide.)   The goal is to help the client develop new habits that are designed to change their life for the better; habits they are able to continue and sustain without the help of someone else.  (Once a person knows how to ride a bike, they don't need someone pushing them anymore.)  It's the same philosophy with a Wellness Coach.  Once those changes are a part of the client's life, the coaches job is done.  The client is free to ride on their own!

Q: What should I expect when working with a Wellness Coach?

A: One thing a person should expect is encouragement to step out of their comfort zone.   For many, change is difficult and they need someone who will encourage them as well as hold them accountable for their actions.  Wellness Coaches know change can be difficult, especially if the habits are old habits or the client has tried to change in the past but was unable to. 

Chastising or making a person feel bad is not what Wellness Coaches do if a client is having trouble making changes.  An analysis of what happened and if a change in strategy is needed is considered instead.  Sometimes a change in plan or method is what's needed, not a stern lecture.  As long as the client is honest and is genuinely interested in change, the Wellness Coach will seek ways to make it happen.  If the client does NOT want to change, there's nothing a Wellness Coach can do.        

Q: What do I need to get started?

A: An open mind and a willingness to change! 

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