Jeff White Fitness Solutions LLC - The Mission Statement - Tampa, FL
The Mission Statement
The mission is simple:  I'm here to assist self-employed individuals and professionals reach their full potential through diet, exercise, and having a positive mental attitude.  Many are are so busy with trying to become successful, they can't maintain an exercise program, or resort to eating whatever is available. They may so busy with work that they put their health on the back burner. This is a big mistake.

This where I come in.  Before you lace up your sneakers and take that first step, it's crucial we determine which direction you want to go in.  A captain never sets sail without mapping out his course first.  This simple rule also applies diet and exercise.

The goal is to educate and teach you how to incorporate physical, mental, and spiritual fitness into your lifestyle. The goal is to enjoy the fruits of all your labor and hard work, not destroy it in the process. Who wants to be too sick to enjoy everything they worked so hard to attain? It is important to understand that is is possible to eat right, get exercise, and still become successful. 

It's also important to understand that medicine doesn't just come from the doctor's office. Nature's Medicine Cabinet has many benefits as well:

Many professionals I train simply don't have the time to go to the gym every day or find it inconvenient at times. With that in mind, I have equipment to train clients in the comfort of their own homes or outdoors, as well as create training programs they can do on their own, in the comfort of their own homes. There are many ways a person can have a fun, intense workout and I intend on sharing that information with anyone interested in the services I provide. This is done via training sessions, magazine and print media, and public speaking engagements.

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All clients are given a free initial consultation and health assessment to determine where they are, where they want to be, and the best way to get there.  Each client will receive a custom-made program designed exclusively for them.  Only when the course is mapped out can we begin the journey towards health and fitness!