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My primary purpose is to help my clients reach their fitness goals.  If I don't do that I'm wasting their time.   The best way to determine a person's effectiveness is by hearing from the very people they're supposed to be helping:
Just wanted to let everyone to know that I am out of state and reached out to jeff to help with my fitness goals. Even though he is in Florida and I am in Illinois, a personal fitness plan was designed for me based on the information that was provided to him. I even received videos to show me how to do the exercises correctly. This is Great and definitely worth sharing with all that are looking to get in shape or to lose weight!
Shandra Boyd - Illinois
So far, I'm very pleased with the service I've received from you. The questionnaire's were thorough. The video's are narrated well. 
Before even beginning the workout, I've received much more from you than I ever did from trainers that I've worked with one-on-one in gyms.
Sterling Martin - Illinois

 By SR on May 8, 2015
Jeff's book is an inspiration to us all! I think most of us know we need to be healthier, yet Jeff puts it into perspective where everyone can understand. My favorite quote from the book is, "Athletes eat and train, they do not diet." That statement really made me stop and think. As a woman we always seem to be "dieting" yet starving yourself never works. It's unhealthy. Eating and training is something I can do and is way more motivational than dieting!

By Sara on May 8, 2015
Great book! The author obviously spent lots of time living and researching this book. The 3 pillars are all very well thought out with helpful information on how to achieve each one. I really like the part where the author describes the 3 different body types. As most people strive and starve themselves to achieve a look that is physically impossible for the DNA. Instead the author empowers you to be the best YOU.

By Casey on May 10, 2015
It's so easy to overlook certain aspects of your health & then get frustrated with lack of results, wondering why you are not as healthy as you think you should be. But Jeff's book puts everything into perspective-- and offers great advice, insight and tips for improving your mind AND body. This isn't a quick fix to dieting or losing weight, it's a permanent lifestyle modification that can benefit you in all areas! Great read and recommend it to people of ALL ages.

By chanel on May 18, 2015
I ABSOLUTELY love this book! There is so much more to fitness than just the physical aspect. This book touches on not only the physical, but the mental and spiritual aspects also. It gives you a well rounded approach to fitness!! Love it love it love it!

By BB on May 13, 2015
This book is so inspiring! I used to be an avid runner, but I fell out of habit. Before I even finished reading the book, I was motivated enough to get back into jogging and I hope to be back running long distance soon. The author clearly practices what he preaches and has loads of experience that he knows will benefit others. Read this book if you find yourself at a low point or struggling with your health/self-esteem. Two thumbs up!


By Marian on May 24, 2015
I'm only on Chapter 7:The Benefits of Cross Training, but I love everything I've read so far! Jeff gives the truth about how to get your whole body healthy! Not just what you want to hear so someone can sell you the next fad for losing weight or exercising. I had no clue my Restless Leg Syndrome could be from a lack of iron! I now know what and how much I should be eating, as well as some exercises that would best suit me. If I had more money, I'd buy more books for friends and family! Thanks Jeff! Can't wait to get started!
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