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Rates & Packages

What is your fitness goal?  Are you trying to lose weight? Training for an event? New to exercise and need assistance?  Looking for a dynamic speaker for your next business function?  In need of a Wellness Coach? I may be able to help! I offer various packages tailored to meet each individual client need. Contact me for a free initial consultation.
I offer my services at your home, office, or gym.   In life we have options, and here is no exception.  I offer several packages to choose from, or  you can simply sign up for one private session at a time.  My rates start at $50.00.   For your convenience, purchases of my services can be made safely and securely through Paypal.
3 Pillars of Strength
Autographed Copy
Price: $22.97
My book The 3 Pillars of Strength: Increasing Your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Fitness is now available.  Order your copy today!  

Package 1:
Custom Written Training Programs
For busy professionals who want to train on their own but want results! After a phone consultation I'll design a cardio and weight training program based on your goals that includes exercises, your DVDs, home gyms etc... designed exclusively for you.  Do you have any injuries?  Health issues?  Time constraints?  Let's talk about it!  Program can be sent to you via fax or email.
  • $75.00   
Package 1
Custom Written Training Program
Price: $75.00

Package 2:
This package is ideal for those who prefer to exercise on their own.
Package includes the following - 6 weeks in duration:
  • free 1 one-hour initial consultation to determine nutritional needs/goals (including initial weight, body fat analysis and measurements)
  • 6 half-hour follow up visits to assess progress and continued nutrition path
  • tracking of weight, body fat percentage and body measurements
  • coaching on personalized exercise regimen to enhance results
  • access to me, 24 hours a day via e-mail/phone
 6 week program:   $150.00
Package 2
6 Week Program
Price: $150.00
Package 3:
1-6 Private Sessions
  • $50.00 per hour
  • personalized
  • private
  • access to me, 24 hours a day via e-mail/phone  
1-6 Private Sessions
Price: $50.00

Package 4:
7-12 Private Sessions
  • 45.00 per hour
  • personalized
  • private
  • access to me, 24 hours a day via e-mail/phone 

Product 4
7-12 Private Sessions
Price: $45.00

Package 5:
13-20 Private sessions
  • 40.00 per hour
  • personalized
  • private
Package 5
13-20 Private Sessions
Price: $40.00

Wellness Coaching
As a Certified Wellness Coach I offer an Authentic Wellness Plan specially designed for each individual client.  Sessions are 60 minutes each, once a week either in person or by phone. 

Wellness Coaching 1
Complimentary Fifteen Minute Session
Price: FREE
Wellness Coaching 2
5 Sixty Minute Weekly Sessions
Price: $199.00
Wellness Coaching 3
10 Sixty Minute Weekly Sessions
Price: $450.00
Wellness Coaching 4
15 Sixty Minute Weekly Sessions
Price: $700.00

Motivational Speaker:
Rates vary. 
Contact me for details.

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